A student exhibition

The exhibition showcases carefully chosen works that best represent our individual interests and styles. As you delve into the Seed experience, we hope you appreciate our collective goals to reduce waste, contribute to our communities, and spread growth. Our presentation tables will be donated to the Los Angeles Community Action Network and Skid Row People’s Market where they will live new lives as garden beds.


Every seed has the desire to become something bigger than itself. Each seed is unique; and its care particular. With the right tending, sowing, and attention, the seed transforms into worlds that live only in our imaginations. With each seed holds a tightly knit dream waiting to be shared with the world “For there exists no more compact image of intimacy, none that is more sure of its center, than a flower’s dream of the future while it is still enclosed, tightly folded, inside its seed.” –– Gaston Bachelard


Initial Idea:


The Growth of Ideas

After many iterations, we decided to create the exhibition in a linear format, imitating rows of garden beds, where our designs can flourish.

Exhibition Plan

Exhibition Plan

Axon Diagram

Axon Diagram

Fall colors:

Inspired by the tonal quality of Morandi’s paintings, we decided to create a tonal color palette featuring warm, fall colors that showcases each individuals.

2019-09-12 21_35_44-Gradshow - Google Drive.jpg

The Idea Seed:

Each project has an icon created that represents the “seed”: our ideas/designs that grew from our times spent at ArtCenter.

details of lattice [转换]-01.jpg

Seed Icons:

Exhibition Details: