Lighting Fixture

Inspired by ocean currents and the erosion it creates. Adrift is a wall light that stimulates an optical phenomenon for the users to feel immersed within the ever changing ocean currents.


To evoke the feeling of floating below the water surface. I used clear acrylic material and created curves and incisions in the material, achieving the light effect of water ripples and the subtle movement of the ocean currents.

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process book4.jpg

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process book12.jpg


To create the desired effect, I created a curved base and baked the acrylic so it can be molded on top of the base. Interestingly this reflects my inspiration of how ocean currents creates erosion on land. In this case the “land” formed the “sea”. For the light itself, I decided to use a CREE LED to maximize the light quality.


Final Product

2018-08-09 13_44_42-final - Google Drive.jpg

Lighting Quality


Spacial Visualization