Vivienne Westwood

A Boutique Hotel

Vivienne Westwood boutique hotel would be bold, expressive, loud, fun, friendly, and relaxed: all of these qualities represents the philosophy behind the luxury brand, Vivienne Westwood.


“Rebel against the norm, break the walls” means to not be afraid to be different, to be wild without fear.

Experiencing with expression and interpretation of chaos.


Located in Beverly Hills, Vivienne Westwood is a high end boutique hotel.

190 N Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

190 N Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Axon Diagram of Boutique Hotel:


Hotel Lobby Details:

Art works of Gordon Matta-Clark

Art works of Gordon Matta-Clark

Breaking the Walls

An artist that inspired me for this project is Gordon Matta-Clark. His works of sculpture by cutting out geometric shapes in abandoned buildings, creates an unusual shape within a space. I want to create the same effect by placing walls inside my lobby, making it seem destructive and one of a kind, yet intriguing to walk around.

Hotel Lobby floor plan:


Lobby and Concierge

The hotel lobby will have an organic wall separating the lounge and concierge area. The wall is inspired by the expressive language of Vivienne Westwood’s fashion pieces.

render 1.jpg

Lounge and Waiting area

In the lounge the guests visiting the Vivienne Westwood Hotel can rest and walk around.


Pool and Bar Area

On the left side of the hotel lobby is the hotel pool and bar. To break the norm I decided to place the pool on the first floor instead of rooftop or basement. Adding an unapologetic, rebellious mood to the feeling of exposure for the pool area.


Guest Room Details:

If the Vivienne Westwood hotel lobby is about rebelliously breaking the walls then the hotel guest room would be about disturbing the norm, to create a whole new hotel room experience.

Guest Room floor plan:


Without boundaries, there is no sense of mystery. An open space allows the guest to feel free, comfortable, and bold to be themselves.


Guest Room Diagram:

2019-02-27 15_52_46-3rd term - Google Drive.jpg

There are no boundaries within the room, the two walls that intersect is turned at an angle and opened up, so the people inside can move around from one space to another freely. There is also a hot tub inside the room accompanied by the bar, so that the guests can have friends over and enjoy their time in the luxurious hotel.


Furnishing for Vivienne Westwood Boutique Hotel

2019-03-01 15_46_34-portfolio  .pdf - Adobe Acrobat Standard DC.jpg

Bedroom view


Bathroom shower and open hot tub.