Pawse Park

The urban park for pet owners

An oasis for dogs and their owners amidst the chaotic city environment. To provide a natural intuitive dog walk experience in the context of an urban landscape.


An experience to support and enhance the relationship between us and our pets. To create more quality time with each other.

Pets have become part of our family: like never before.

Moments of Pawse

As a dog follows its natural instinct: to run around in a loop, they will encounter different moments to experience along the trail of Pawse Park while spending quality times with the pet owners.

Park moments indication diagram

Park moments indication diagram

Program Diagram

Inspired by the natural instinct of a dog, I want to create a never ending trail.

final presentation pawse1_Page_12.jpg

In a traditional dog park, the journey from point A to B is very linear and unnatural. What is the path that allows dogs to follow their natural instinct to run around in a loop.

final presentation pawse1_Page_13.jpg

Instead of a linear line, a never ending loop will allow dogs to follow their natural instinct. At the same time allowing the pet and their owners to experience different moments along the way.


Pawse Walk Through


A never ending place to run.

For you and your dog to have fun together.