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The Hidden Nest

Drey is a high-end restaurant designed for Jessica Koslow, an American chef who specializes in new American, Jewish, and Eastern European influenced cuisines - with a Californian twist.


Drey is Jessica’s homage to nature, the land, and the community. The restaurant is a structure of warmth, creating a nest of community, found by the neighboring city dwellers at night time.

Materials and Menu Setting

The menu will be set on a block of clear holder that reflects the color of the ceiling structures in the courtyard. The menu itself would sway slightly in the wind making a candle effect.

Structure of Warmth


When guests first approach Drey’s entry, they are welcomed by the open bar and lounge, which is sheltered by the ceiling structure.


Axon Diagram:


The structure is made out of glass panels that symbolizes the community surrounding Drey coming together, each panel an individual.


Located within the West Hollywood neighborhood.

One of the most vibrant neighborhood of Los Angeles filled with creative individuals and adventurous foodies.

9033 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

9033 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

Floor plan + ceiling plan


The first dining space is a more casual experience. For the adventurous foodies.

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Connecting the first and second dining space is the open kitchen, as guests walk past they are able to see the chefs of Drey working at the cuisines.


Scaled Model


The second dining space is reservation only providing a more private dining experience. The half transparent curtains allows the guests to feel and hear the excitement around them, at the same time providing a sheltered private dining space.